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A Beginner’s Guide On Criminal Lawyers In Campbelltown


Picking the right solicitor for your legal matter is a really difficult decision. You simply can’t just pick the cheapest available option without giving it any thought. Indeed, you can’t rush the process of picking your legal team either, since the consequences of rushing the decision could be very severe. However, if you’ve never hired a solicitor or never been in need of a barrister until now, then you might require some help in making the right call for your case. So, when it comes time to picking one of the best criminal lawyers in Campbelltown, be sure that you follow this guide should you ever be in need of legal representation.


When do you need a solicitor?

The law can be incredibly confusing and confronting to understand. If you have been formally charged with a misdemeanour, then you’ll definitely want one of the criminal lawyers in Campbelltown by your side. Seeing a solicitor can help you clarify your legal options and rights, putting you in a more confident position when it comes to resolving your problem.


What can a solicitor do?

How much your solicitor helps you is completely up to you: the client. If you want your team of criminal lawyers in Campbelltown to work on your case from start to finish, then that’ll happen. Alternatively, you might just need them to work on a small part – possibly due to their high expertise in the field.

Your barrister can provide sound legal advice, which can include the following:

  • assisting you with filling out legal documentation
  • reading and explaining those documents to you
  • providing their opinion on the strength and likely outcome of your case

Likewise, if you hire one of the criminal lawyers in Campbelltown, they will also become your representative in court. They can write letters and emails for you, negotiate with the opposing party and communicate to the members of the court on your behalf.

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What does your solicitor have to do for you?

Regardless of which of the criminal lawyers in Campbelltown you choose, they all have to abide by several important principles. Firstly, your barrister will follow instructions – meaning they will always listen to you. Whichever way you want to proceed with your case, your legal team will carry out your demands.

On top of this, criminal lawyers in Campbelltown have to maintain confidentiality and act ethically. Any unethical behaviour can be punished severely.  This means that they can’t mention whatever you have said to them to the police or the court without your permission. Likewise, a solicitor cannot act for you if there is a conflict of interest. If their interests do not meet yours, then they will likely not take your case. Furthermore, if your legal representative is representing someone else directly involved in the matter, they cannot provide you with assistance.


Preparing to meet a solicitor

If you have been checking out some of the criminal lawyers in Campbelltown, you might have finally decided to meet with one of them. If this is the case, you need to do your research. Learn about the offence you have been charged with and what your solicitor will likely recommend.

On top of this, make sure you prepare for your meeting, so organize any relevant documentation (preferably in chronological order) and make copies of such documents. Prepare a chronology of the events so your solicitor has an astute understanding of all the events and actors at play.


Meeting a solicitor

In your meeting with the solicitor, you need to ask as many questions as possible. You are not legally required to enlist their services, so if you’re not happy with them, simply take no further action. Alternatively, if you want to hire them, ask them what the next step is and they’ll walk you through it.