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A Guide On Sex Offences Lawyers In Melbourne

The legal sector is a dynamic environment that is constantly changing. The Australian Parliament has passed several landmark reforms in the past several years, reflecting this dynamic and ever-changing sector. Because of this, you want to be sure that your chosen solicitor is one of the best in the business, which can be a difficult decision given the rising levels of competition for work. Hence, if you’re on the lookout for sex offences lawyers in Melbourne, make sure that you remember the following key steps from this guide when making your decision.


Do your research

If you have been charged with a serious crime or sex offence, you need to seek legal representation as soon as possible. So, do a quick Google search of ‘sex offences lawyers in Melbourne’ to gauge the relevant legal firms in your price range. You should never compromise quality for cost, since the alternative could be an extended period of time behind bars. Once, you’ve perused through your available options, make a shortlist of candidates that appeal to you. Consider things like their experience in the field (recent successful cases) and reviews of their services. Talk to friends and family for the most honest feedback.


Know the charges

Before you start setting up meetings with potential sex offences lawyers in Melbourne, you need to understand what you have been charged with. Cases of this nature can be very confronting, particularly if the crime is some form of battery, assault or rape. If you are the victim in a heinous crime, then it is incredibly important that you are honest with your solicitor. Develop a chronology of the event and have your facts straight about what actually happened.


Signs of a good solicitor

When it comes time to sitting down with a solicitor for a conversation about the case, you need to be on the lookout for a few key attributes.

Strong knowledge

Indeed, the best sex offences lawyers in Melbourne will obviously have an extensive knowledge of the legal framework, meaning they will be up to date with any recent changes. Likewise, they will already have in mind avenues or legal loopholes that could benefit your case, should you be the defendant. Crimes of this nature are punishable up to many years in prison, so it’s obviously in your best interest to be making a good call on your barrister.


Likewise, you also want one of the sex offences lawyers in Melbourne who is articulate and well-spoken. If they are to be your legal representative in the court room, then you need someone who can frame your case in a manner that is clear and easily discernible to the jury. Your solicitor should be invested in your case, so any issues in communication could be a problem.


Red flags

Alternatively, you might sit down your with solicitor and pick up on little behaviours that might sound warning bells. Firstly, a barrister who is constantly checking their phone clearly isn’t invested in your case. If this resonates with you, consider looking elsewhere. Additionally, if they are frequently late to meetings or court appearances, then this is a very bad sign. It is the obligation of sex offences lawyers in Melbourne to be punctual and prepared for any scheduled meetings or court appearances. Anything less than this is sub-standard.

Simultaneously, be on the lookout for any vague promises or embellished claims from sex offences lawyers in Melbourne. Vague statements that promise that you’ll be found innocent can just bolster hope and optimism. You want a barrister who will be honest and upfront with you. If they suggest a plea bargain is your best legal option, then it is likely something you should consider.