Advantages of Utilising the Embrava Connect Brand for Your Business Needs

Embrava Connect might be one of many different communication programs on offer for businesses, but there is a reason why more enterprises are gravitating to this service.


Domestic companies in Australia now have to meet a greater demand for their clientele as additional customer service portals and an expanding marketplace has provided more pressure on those running the departments.


This rise in expectation could put a strain on companies who do not have a sound framework in place to meet these challenges, although there are programs and outlets that can help them manage that burden to a stronger degree.


Embrava Connect happens to be one such solution, a software package that offers support and tools to cater to an evolving marketplace.


Here we will expand on these points and illustrate why it is such a powerful option as you look to develop your telecommunication pathways.

Cloud Compatible


The Embrava Connect application is now supported through the Genesys PureCloud, a program that allows customer engagement to be run through a piece of cutting edge technology. This compatibility is a recent rollout as of July 2018 and supported through Windows. Those that have the CCO for PureCloud Feature License have the ability to utilise this tool through the program, saving space and seeing a higher quality of communication through all facets of the business.


With social media, email, chat windows and phone calls all run through the one single portal, this adaptability is really a major advantage when compared against peer programs in the same niche.

Clear Presence


The outlets that help to make Embrava Connect possible showcase their wares in a very visual style. Given the ringtones that are on offer to the flashing light applications to give an interface that is ideal for work environments and cubicle spaces, no one can be left in any doubt where any professional is at from any one time during the day.


It is a presence that helps those internally and externally from the process see how the environment is run, all providing clarity and moving towards a single objective when it comes to collective communication needs.

Uniformity Across Departments


Whether the Embrava Connect program is utilised for Mac hardware or Windows, this is an application that is readily available for companies that need a degree of uniformity. Take any customer service department, sales team or support network that has to coordinate between clients and incoming consumers.


They have to understand the immediate status of the calls, where they are placed in a cue, how soon they can be engaged and what the future lies in store for their individual enquiry. That is a process that require a powerful program to coordinate all of that simultaneous activity.

Evolving Brand


As the Embrava Connect showcased with the Genesys PureCloud rollout where a growing number of outlets are included as part of the package, this is a program that is not remaining static. Businesses that need a communications application that is cutting edge and stepping in tune with other alternatives is vital when thinking about the need for companies to stay relevant.


The modern commercial landscape is becoming ever more cutthroat and those who can embrace a platform that is updating and staying relevant will reflect on the wellbeing of a business and its core principles and practices. 2018 alone has seen a number of program updates take place and there is no indication that 2019 and beyond will see a slow down in that development. We know that Embrava Connect is not a brand that stands still for long.



The Embrava Connect brand is one that can be trusted for domestic businesses here in Australia. Given the array of product choice, the diversity and evolution in technology to the flexibility and freedom of the application, the only question you should ask is why not buy into the Embrava Connect program?