Aspects That Can Impact Your Site’s Credibility

website credibility

Credibility is a vital aspect for your business to have. It will ensure that both users and search engines have trust in your business to provide what they are looking for. Your SEO company will be doing their best to increase your website’s credibility.

Credibility does have an impact on SEO. Think about it this way; the Google search engine is a business in itself and they want to provide the best results to users so that trust is built. This is something Google has done so well and it is represented in their dominant share of the search engine market.

Users trust Google to give them the right website they are looking for. Do you think that Google would put poor quality websites at the top of their rankings? No! That would impact their own credibility.

Google has built up years and year’s worth of credibility and therefore users trust the results provided. So if your website is constantly showing up at the top of the results, then users will also start to believe that your website is credible and can be trusted to provide the thing they were looking for.

This leads into the first major aspect that can impact your site’s credibility, and the one you should be most concerned about; the perception of search engines. Have a read below at all the different aspects that can have an impact on the credibility of your website.

1. Search Engine Perception

Talked about in the introduction, how a search engine perceives your website is probably the most important aspect for credibility. All search engines have algorithms that rank your website. If you are doing everything right you will see a high ranking.

With so much existing trust in the Google search engine, being at the top of their rankings for multiple keywords is one of the best things you can do to improve your credibility. It is therefore important that you place a lot of focus and effort into SEO and ensuring your website is always one of the first users see.

2. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews have gained in importance significantly over the past few years. Consumers are almost always going to read reviews of your business and/ or product before making a purchase decision. So no matter the type of business you operate, you will need to ensure you have customer testimonials.

These days, customers are not afraid to voice their opinion, may it be positive or negative. No matter the type of review a customer leaves, it is important that you respond. This will show to other potential customers that you actually care and you aren’t just looking to get a sale.

One of the best ideas when it comes to positive customer reviews is to showcase them on your website. This is especially important if you have an e-commerce business, so you can showcase the reviews about the product and it provides more detailed information to those considering making a purchase.

3. Website Updates

Updating your website on a consistent basis is important because the best practice for user experience changes all the time. If your website design looks like it is stuck in the 2000’s then this isn’t really sending a positive credible message to visitors.

By updating your website you are sending the message to users that your business is growing and changing over the years. A major website update could see some resistance to change in the short term, but in the long run you are certainly better off.

You will probably not be making major website design updates very often, but that doesn’t mean you can keep your website stale until a major change is due. You still have to have a fresh and updating website. This is where updating a blog can be an excellent way to showcase your credibility.

4. Social Media

There are simply so many people on social media these days. Not only are there a lot of people, but they also seem to spend a significant amount of time there as well. It is becoming increasingly common that a user will check the online social media profile of a business when looking for information about them.

So what would a user think if they are unable to find any details about your business on social media? Creating social proof for your business is vital to ensure you have credibility. You should start with including links to your social media account on your website and encourage users to connect with you there.

Social media is a powerful tool these days, for many reasons and you would be silly to just ignore it. So make sure you spend a least a bit of time each week dedicated solely to improving your business’s social proof. You may not see direct results on your sales, but it does work to improve your credibility!