The value in fruit

In a workplace trial undertaken in Britain, the 320 workers were surveyed about the impact of free fruit in their office and how it affected enjoyment of work and quality of life in the office. Not surprisingly, over 80% of those surveyed said they felt healthier and 45% were eating fewer unhealthy snacks. Interestingly, free […]

Home comforts

Working from home. It can mean many things to many people. If you’re running your business, it’s where you get your work done, your home is your office. If you’re senior management of a company, maybe it’s the place away from the office, with zero distractions, the Mecca of ultimate productivity. But for others, those […]

The developing country giving away $30 million

Last month, the government of Rwanda paid $30 million to put the slogan “Visit Rwanda” on the sleeve of shirts of Arsenal Football Club in England. The east African nation believe that the sponsorship could draw in over $300 million dollars in tourism. Rwanda, with the third fastest growing economy in Africa, has numerous natural […]

88 Days for a visa

Millions and millions of people travel worldwide each year, some just for a quick holiday, others for a few months and then there are those that want to migrate. For those moving to Australia and wishing to stay longer than a year, working in an isolated location doing regional work is a real possibility. Under […]

The Tick vs The Stripes

A battle just as fiercely contested as any worldwide, Nike and Adidas, the two sportswear giants, have been fighting for market position for decades. Nike, the archetypal American brand, loud and proud, against Adidas, representing European style and instantly recognisable through its iconic 3-stripes, are the two leading sportswear brands in the world. But what […]

3 steps to millions

Owning a business can be the most rewarding things you can ever do. You’ll have to work harder than you’ve worked before but the feeling of pride as the business grows will be unrivalled. But what do you need to get your business off the ground? Here are 3 quick tips. An idea The most […]

The statistics behind the sex industry

Prostitution, the exchange of sex for money, is an industry in nearly every country worldwide, whether underground or not. In most it is illegal, however in 8 countries in Europe and many more worldwide including New Zealand, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador and Bangladesh, it is legal and regulated. Many countries have differing laws regarding prostitution, buying […]

The Fast and the Furious

Formula 1 one of the wealthiest sports around, so wealthy that some of the drivers pay just to participate. With a field of around 20 drivers, you can be sure that the racers at the bottom of the grid are paying to race. It really is the rich man’s sport. It said that footballers on […]

Brand McGregor

Ireland is famous for many things: shamrocks, St. Patricks Day, Guinness, scenery, weather, things that instantly come up in conversation when talking about the small island in the Atlantic Ocean.  But in the past few years one more thing, or person, has been added to that list, Conor McGregor, the now world-famous UFC fighter and […]