Brand McGregor

Ireland is famous for many things: shamrocks, St. Patricks Day, Guinness, scenery, weather, things that instantly come up in conversation when talking about the small island in the Atlantic Ocean.  But in the past few years one more thing, or person, has been added to that list, Conor McGregor, the now world-famous UFC fighter and all-around showman.

From Dublin, on the east coast of the island, McGregor has a typical fairy-tale story, not exactly rags to riches but something along those lines. Growing up in working class neighbourhood in Dublin, he bounced around from jobs to living on social, nothing out of the ordinary, until that is McGregor began fighting.

Growing up, he was into boxing but began taking MMA seriously when he was 18, famously stating in a recording when he was unsigned, that he would soon be a UFC champion. That was in 2008, and 6 years later in 2014 and 2015, his star exploded. Having been signed by the UFC, and taken under the CEO’s Dana White’s wing, he began getting the fights and exposure that he wanted. In August 2017, he fought Floyd Mayweather, earned a reported $100 million dollars and that’s where his fighting career has stalled, for now.

Having had glimpses of it up to then, we are now seeing McGregor the businessman. When he isn’t throwing tables at buses, McGregor is teaming up with a range of sponsorship partners including energy drink, Monster, Budweiser as well as Beats Headphones. He has a promotions company, which has had a small stake in his most recent fights and is quickly becoming recognised as a powerhouse outside the ring.

In 2017, the documentary style film, Notorious, was released charting his meteoric rise to fame while also he has constructed an image of himself as the wealthiest of the wealthy on his social media pages. If you are in any doubt about how much he earns, he regularly posts photos of his top of the range cars, speedboats as well as his chartered private planes.

His net worth is said to be at $100 million and growing, this “kid from the rough area” of Dublin as he likes to tell everyone, has done more than anyone ever expected. He has created a brand to be reckoned with, with his fingers in many pies. Not many predicted the rise so far so who knows what will happen next.