mains pressure hot water heater

Shopping Advice When Sourcing a Mains Pressure Hot Water Cylinder

Finding a mains pressure hot water cylinder that can service your entire household should be a relatively straightforward process. Like installing a light system or implementing a new fridge or oven, there are certain processes and practices that are involved between yourself and the supplier.   However, when it comes to supplying and sourcing hot […]

Newspapers are old news

Norman Giller, a well-respected UK football journalist recently said that he stands by his previous claim that his 10-year-old grandson will never read a newspaper. This statement would have seemed crazy just 15 years ago, but with newspapers switching to online versions due to the increased speed in which consumers want the news, it no […]

The value in fruit

In a workplace trial undertaken in Britain, the 320 workers were surveyed about the impact of free fruit in their office and how it affected enjoyment of work and quality of life in the office. Not surprisingly, over 80% of those surveyed said they felt healthier and 45% were eating fewer unhealthy snacks. Interestingly, free […]

Home comforts

Working from home. It can mean many things to many people. If you’re running your business, it’s where you get your work done, your home is your office. If you’re senior management of a company, maybe it’s the place away from the office, with zero distractions, the Mecca of ultimate productivity. But for others, those […]