wedding photographer taking pictures of the married couple

Cinematic Wedding Photography in Sydney VS. Traditional


Your big day has so many decisions to make and your images are no exception. There are so many different styles and experiences available it can be overwhelming at times. The main two that you should know about are traditional and cinematic.



wedding photographer taking pictures

Traditional wedding photography in Sydney and documentation involves a camera crew following you around for the day documenting every little thing that happens. The shot is usually continuous and has no creative element added to the final edit. Editing the final cut wouldn’t add any new elements to the moments captured other than for comprehensive purposes.

If you want to document your big day with more than just photos, then cinematic wedding photography in Sydney is definitely the right choice. They can do so much more than just giving you images but rather a set of images that creates a story. The images can be accompanied with a short movie that can really capture the emotion of all those involved.



couple kissing on their wedding

Their main purpose during your special day is to create the perfect story from start to finish. Like a traditional movie there will be an introduction, a climax and a resolution to your own story.  The series of events aren’t limited to the ceremony itself.

The introduction and the premise of the story can be set by exploring the ceremony location. Paying attention to the perfect location that you have chosen needs to be noticed as it shows your personality as well. Other forms of wedding photography in Sydney may use the location in the back-ground but opening a movie with the locations sets the mood and shows you what the couple is all about at the beginning.

The series of events such as family members that you didn’t think could make can also be captured and added to your story. The raw emotion in these moments being captured makes your day even more special. Spontaneous moments like this traditionally wouldn’t be captured but mean a huge amount at the time. For example, going back and looking at your reaction when your brother or sister shows up will show true emotion that traditional wedding photography in Sydney couldn’t.

The process of getting ready, hair, make-up and even putting on the dress and suit all can add an element to the story that usually is forgotten. A practitioner of cinematic wedding photography in Sydney knows what elements need to be captured to ensure that you will have something to truly capture your journey.


So which one do you choose?

There are so many different services on the market at the moment that can cater to any of your needs. The best thing about this type of industry is that cinematographers have experience in creating past projects and have highlights for you to view.

Ask the service in question what type of work they’ve done before and if you can see any highlights. If you have an idea in your head you can see if any past projects are similar and you can recreate it with your own unique twist.

If you haven’t thought about this type of wedding photography in Sydney before then maybe looking at highlights and samples can change your mind. It truly is a beautiful experience to witness the events of your day unfolding in a movie.

Regardless of your predisposition of what you want your photos to look like, have a look at other options out there.  There are many different styles of capturing your big day and being open and discussing possible styles or services with a professional can turn your images from good to amazing!