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How to Choose Between the Different Family Lawyers in Sydney

When a marital or de facto relationship formally ends, there are many issues that can result from it. Divorce, child custody and property settlement are all issues that are notoriously complex and can result in long periods of antagonistic dispute between former partners.

Those living in metropolitan New South Wales and facing these kinds of issues will probably want to engage on the services of good family lawyers in Sydney City to help them through this difficult time. This type of solicitor will be an expert at dealing with issues relating to the breakdown of a relationship and will act as a valuable ally throughout a difficult period of your life.

However, choosing the right solicitor can be a daunting prospect and you may not have any idea on where to begin your search. Luckily, the following information will help you to choose between the various family lawyers in Sydney.


1: Ask for recommendations from friends, relatives and colleagues

Because relationship breakdown are (unfortunately) so commonplace in our society, it’s not surprising that several of your friends, relatives and colleagues will have engaged one of the family lawyers in Sydney at some point or another. Whether it was to process a divorce, negotiate a property settlement or fight for custody of children; it doesn’t hurt to ask for recommendations from those around you if you think they will have a good solicitor in mind.

It’s always good to qualify your search by getting a little background information on the kind of issue your contact dealt with. If you know that child custody is going to be a difficult area of your divorce, then it will be helpful to find a recommendation for a family lawyer in Sydney who has special skills and experience in litigating child custody disputes.


2: Browse the websites of different firms/solicitors

The next best place to search for exceptional family lawyers in Sydney is on the internet. The best legal firms and private practitioners will all have high quality websites where their services, philosophy, qualifications and testimonials will be on display for you to inspect.

Make sure to pay attention to any special training the solicitor may have, such as advanced negotiating tactics that will be helpful in reaching and out-of-court settlement. Out-of-court settlements are favoured by judges and will ultimately be less costly than litigating in a courtroom.

Also, pay attention to the fine print of how they like to work and what kind of rates you can expect to pay. The last thing you want is to engage a practitioner only to find that the majority of the work is being done by a junior associate.

Pay attention to their stated philosophy and approach to how they conduct themselves with clients. You should be able to get a grasp of what kind of solicitor they are and how they style will be suit you.


3: Organise and initial interview with your prospects

When choosing between the different family lawyers in Sydney, the most useful thing you can do is get a face-to-face meeting with them or at least organize a phone interview. This real-time conversation will enable you to ask pertinent questions about the solicitor, their work style and what they believe is possible for your case.

During this meeting, you should observe that they are eager to take on your case and that they are being realistic with you about possible outcomes should you engage them. When interviewing your selection of family lawyers in Sydney, always be careful not to trust any practitioner who promises you an ideal result right from the start as this is normally too good to be true.