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The Advantages of Laser Cutting in Sydney

If you are in the manufacturing or industrial sector, chances are you could benefit from specialist printing companies that deal with media printing and laser cutting in Sydney. Indeed, these firms use a laser to cut materials either through melting, burning or vaporising. The beam’s path is controlled via a computer software program, which can determine the beam’s speed and accuracy. Obviously, this will change in accordance to the material that needs to be cut, whether it is wood or some type of metal, like steel. Overall, let’s take a look at several key advantages of this production process.



Modern technologies mean that traditional methods have been superseded in terms of precision and accuracy. A software program offers greater reliability over the human hand, which is subject to error. Hence, if you require laser cutting in Sydney, you will benefit from a process that is more precise and efficient. Furthermore, many of the modern machines use far less energy than the older models, while also improving the complexity of their techniques. Indeed, many new machines can cut small diameter holes with greater detail, which can provide greater edge quality in either tube, plate or box section.


Cost effective

In addition, laser cutting in Sydney also brings many cost saving advantages in the long term. While the initial purchase of the machine is expensive, it works out to be a far more lucrative investment in the long term. It saves you having to buy cutting tools (which will become damaged over time) and hire more labour. They will also eliminate the need for additional machinery on many jobs, dropping your manufacturing costs dramatically. Likewise, because they are become more energy efficient, you’ll likely see your energy bills drop soon after purchase. In fact, most machines use around 10kW of power, whereas alternative methods generally consume around 50kW.



If you are inquiring about laser cutting in Sydney, you’ll also discover that such machines can complete tasks in a shorter period of time. This saves you time, resources and money in the long term! Suddenly, your business can take on more work.


Reduced contamination

Traditional cutting strategies also leave a lot of waste and refuse afterwards, which can become a hindrance in a working environment. With laser cutting in Sydney, however, there is a lower level of contamination of the workpiece and the surrounding environment because the heat created is so contained. Because the heat is well contained and controlled, there is less overflow of melted liquid. The result?  Less time needed for maintenance of the working environment or any other costly repairs.


More variety

Compared to the older methods of mechanical cutting, you’ll find that laser cutting in Sydney also allows for the cutting of complex shapes with great detail and practicality. This means that no matter the complexity or difficulty of the task, you’ll be able to get the job done without the need for any additional tools or cutting methods.



While traditional tools are subject to wear and tear, the beam on your machine will not wear during the process. As a result, the running maintenance costs from your purchase are far less than before. More importantly, the likelihood of you having to replace your machine is greatly reduced.



There is also a greater level of safety when it comes to laser cutting in Sydney. This can be attributed to the fact that the machine’s beam is sealed in a tight light box. On top of this, it is also a non-contact process. In essence, the beam never actually touches the material; instead it causes the heat that leads to the melting of the material.