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The Reason For The Cost Of Personalised Balloons


Personalised balloons can be a creative and uncommon gift for family, friends and colleagues. They make the perfect corporate brand reminder when you include a logo and there are endless design options available.

Whilst they are an inexpensive décor option for any party or event, there is a bit of an additional cost associated with the balloons. This is mainly due to the additional time and effort that goes into making them.

If you’re wondering exactly is involved in creating personalised balloons and what the additional costs are for, then read on below.


Design time

Customisation requires a lot of extra design time. A graphic designer must work with you to produce something special and one-of-kind; this understandably adds additional time and cost to creating customised décor.

You must account for the time taken for the graphic designer to design something and make changes for your approval. If you already have your own artwork, such as a corporate logo for example then this cost might be reduced but there is often creative thought involved in the overall solution.



Premium materials are usually used in personalised balloons. You can expect to see cutting edge printing techniques such as foiling. Customisations such as confetti, mini-balloons or interesting shapes might be present and foil inflatable are also common.

A lot of care is given to personalised balloon arrangements and many vendors will go to a lot of trouble to source particular materials or colour shades for their customers and will hand-tie the tassels or ribbon on their customised inflatables.

In larger décor for big events or weddings a lot of thought goes into developing on-off unforgettable pieces. Creative customisation materials might include floral tassels and garlands for example.

Of course no inflatable should be without helium; most reputable provider can help you with a tank service at a reasonable cost.

It is important to remember that many of these materials respond negatively to the sun and will reach poorly to UV rays. They may fade over time or burst in hot sun, so remember if you want to have your event outside they may not last quite as long.


Production time

Personalised balloons require increased production time. The process involved with creating them is labour intensive and requires additional time spent on inflating and printing through different methods. Décor must then be shrunk down or delivered inflated and ready to go to the customer.

Printing methods usually require at least a few hours for drying and packaging can take up to an hour.


Quality Control

The standard is higher for customised orders, spending more money as a customer means that there is an expectation of a quality product. Luckily the labour intensive nature of producing personalised balloons requires careful inspection and quality control to ensure that designs are adhering to latex correctly and appearing the size and shape that they should.

Every party item is partially inflated when going through the creation and customization process, this makes flaws readily apparent and allows inspectors to weed out the potential problem items before they ever reach the customer. This is not the case with non-customized items purchased off the shelf.

The additional quality control process can add significant additional time to producing customised inflatable décor.



Some customised requests will require full assembly, such as for weddings or birthdays. Table arrangements, arches and ceiling installations for example will all require pre-assembly and delivery by a professional. This usually requires equipment travel, considerable set up time and sometimes onsite set up.

This comes at a higher cost because it involves expertise and time.