The value in fruit

In a workplace trial undertaken in Britain, the 320 workers were surveyed about the impact of free fruit in their office and how it affected enjoyment of work and quality of life in the office. Not surprisingly, over 80% of those surveyed said they felt healthier and 45% were eating fewer unhealthy snacks. Interestingly, free fruit didn’t just offer physical health benefits, 75% of those asked its inclusion made them feel more valued in the company.

Maybe it’s not what the workers received but rather that they received it. We all like presents, partly because their free and partly because it shows someone is thinking of you. So, what other free inclusions could companies introduce to make the workforce feel valued, increase productivity and improve retention?

  1. Team lunch

Sticking to the principles of free and food, a team lunch on the company card always keeps workers happy. Even better, some free food before a weekly meeting.  People can get to know each other before lunch is over and then move onto talking about the serious stuff.

  1. Days off

What’s better than free stuff in work? No work at all. Many companies organise charity days, sports days or just company days. Anything that gets workers away from their desk and the monotony of 9-5 is a good thing in most people’s books.

  1. Company branded material

Handing out company merchandise to workers is the on the first page of the marketing manual. It’s an easy way to boost image and awareness. It can also make workers more loyal to the company, especially if they use that item in their everyday life. Carrying around a branded water bottle or phone case while having to explain what your company does to whoever asks will have you speaking with pride about your work, or else, make you realise why you hate your job, this one can go either way.

  1. Sports

Installing some sports equipment in the office is sure to make workers feel valued. Table tennis, pool tables or even a darts board are examples of sports that most can join in with. It will get workers off their desks for a few minutes to release steam, and it will quickly bring out the hyper-competitive workers in the office.

It may not just be fruit that improves company morale and makes workers feel valued but as the old saying goes, an apple a day makes the workers stay.