Tips on how to select the right NDIS provider for your child

If you have a child with a disability, selecting the right NDIS provider to meet their specific needs is vitally important to their continued development and care. While you may experience many challenges throughout your parenting, finding a high quality NDIS provider shouldn’t be one of them.

With the wide range of available NDIS providers out there is can appear overwhelming in order to find the best solution for your child. However, this does not have to be a daunting process.

Let’s take a look at some of the best tips for finding the right NDIS provider for your child.

Start a broad search, then narrow it down

It’s good to start by casting a wide net and consulting some useful internet resources. There are plenty of great online directories from which you can browse for an NDIS provider that suits you.

Even social media sites like Facebook can be useful in finding resources that have been recommended by other, real families. However you should not rely entirely on the opinions of others on social media as they may have biased or dishonest views.

It can also be useful to seek recommendations for an NDIS provider from other parents you know personally or through a daycentre for example. Local doctors and other health care professionals are also a logical place to start your search.

Take note of your first impressions

Just like if you were interviewing someone for a job, you can normally tell if you want to work with an NDIS provider from your initial impressions of them. When making the first phone call with a potential choice, take note of how welcoming they are or aren’t.

Consider how well they seem to sympathise with and understand your issues. Is the information they are giving you clear and concise? Do they give you a feeling of confidence about having your child work with them?

Even if you are happy with the initial correspondence, it’s worth making notes about any face-to-face meetings you have with an NDIS provider. They should seem sincerely interested in assisting you with your child and helping them achieve the milestones that are important to them.

Make sure they are the right fit

In making sure the NDIS provider is suitable for your child, there are some key questions you should be asking. Firstly, do they take into consideration the circumstances of your family life in how they will develop ways to assist your child?

Secondly, do they appreciate your role in the care of the child and that you know your child best? Thirdly, will they work with you as part of a team effort and will the assist you on creating your own networks for support?

These are the most pertinent questions, although there are several others depending on your individual circumstances that you should ask. Ultimately, you need to make sure that their philosophy as an NDIS provider is compatible with how you care for your child.

This also means making sure that they are committed to ensuring your skill is developed so that you can foster the developmental progress of your child. Since you will spend the most time with your child, it’s only logical that the NDIS provider gives you opportunities to become a better caregiver and facilitate constant progress for your child around the clock.

Practical considerations

Make sure that you take into consideration to convenience of working with their team based on where they are located. Do you need to drive with your child to their location or can they bring their service to your doorstep.