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Top 5 Things to Include in Trendy Baby Gift Baskets


Trendy baby gift baskets are one of the most popular presents to give to new parents, and for good reason. They provide both the infant and their parents with useful items that they will truly appreciate.

Read on for a list of the top 5 items parents love receiving in their trendy baby gift baskets.


“Sushi” set

A “sushi” set is a collection of wearable goodies thoughtfully rolled up into a pretty, faux sushi container. It typically includes things like onesies, washers, bibs and socks for the bub, and a pair of chopsticks for the parents. This is a quirky and adorable present that makes a great addition to trendy baby gift baskets.


Clothing & bibs

Any parent will know how valuable it is to have a range of clothes and bibs at hand – infants can be messy! Here are some of the essential pieces for newborns – 3 month olds:

  • One-piece/bodysuit
  • Stretchy pants
  • Snap-crotch shirt
  • Side-snap t-shirt
  • Sweater
  • Fleece bodysuit
  • Sleepwear
  • Gown
  • Dress-up outfit (for special occasions)
  • Hat
  • Socks and/or booties

Choose clothing and bibs made from organic cotton or bamboo for soft, gentle care. Try to buy a slightly bigger size than you normally would, as infants outgrow sizes quickly.



What kid doesn’t love toys? Toys are great for infant development, helping them become more aware of their environment and teaching them object permanence and causal relationships. Toys can also help infants develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Some of the best toys for newborns include:

Musical devices

Hearing is one of the first senses to mature, and music has a stimulating yet calming effect on newborns. Consider including a musical toy like a wind-up music box or similar item in your trendy baby gift baskets.

Activity mats

Many play mats feature hanging toys, however this can be over-stimulating for newborns. By removing the clip-on toys (until the child is one month old) the mat can be used for the infant to practice tummy time on, giving them just enough of the stimulation that they need.


Muslin wraps & blankets

Muslin wraps, bunting bags and blankets are all essentials for newborns, keeping them warm and protected. Once again, aim to purchase those made from organic cotton, bamboo or muslin – these are breathable, soft and gentle fabrics for an infant’s delicate skin.


Skin care

Including some gentle, organic skin care products for both the infant and their parents will win you a lot of love.

For newborn

newborn baby

Newborns often deal with skin conditions such as eczema, rashes, chafing and dryness. Whilst many of these are aggravated by skincare products and washing too frequently, unscented, natural cleansers and moisturizers can be good in small doses.

For mum

After giving birth, women often experience a range of skin conditions that they may have not had before. Conditions like stretch marks, dark spots, puffy eyes, acne and sensitive skin may be frustrating to deal with. Help ease these conditions by including a mild cleanser or scrub, oil-free moisturizer, gentle sunscreen, eye cream or cocoa butter in your trendy baby gift baskets.

For dad

While his partner’s childbirth won’t have a profound impact on a new father’s skin, it doesn’t hurt to include something for him, too. Taking care of the skin is just as important for men as it is for women – they may experience dry, sensitive or acne-prone skin, which can be eased by using high-quality, natural products like moisturizers, cleansers and scrubs.



Trendy baby gift baskets are a thoughtful way to give your support and good wishes to the new family.