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What Defines a Quality Hunter Valley Wedding Photographer For Newlyweds

The Hunter Valley region is a gorgeous and picturesque corner of Australia complete with a stunning coastline, unique wildlife and a landscape that exudes beauty and elegance.

Whether a soon-to-be newlywed couple is booking in for a destination wedding or they are local to the area, there will be a need to source an experienced, proficient and reliable Hunter valley wedding photographer.

But it can be difficult to pick the good from the bad operators and those who have a glossy aesthetic yet fail to produce the substance.

Here we will take a closer look at those practitioners who tick all of the essential boxes, enabling the couple to make a more educated decision on their selection.


Catalogue of Previous Work in the Area

In an ideal set of circumstances, those that have been shortlisted as a Hunter valley wedding photographer for a newlywed couple will already have experience with photo shoots in the region. From Forster to Nelson Bay and Newcastle, there is a litany of professionals who have grown up in the area and understand how, what, where and when to undertake the project. Clients are advised to check the catalogue of work and examine what their style is like and how they have managed to achieve the presentation within the parameters of the Hunter Valley.


Effective Communication

Communication is the key for a quality Hunter valley wedding photographer. How they are able to interact on the day, give notice ahead of time for the expectations and be able to relay their instructions is vital. There will be unexpected setbacks on the day, whether large or small, and it is their ability to communicate to the wedding party about alterations and positioning that will be important.


Minimal Event Footprint


No husband, wife, bridal party, parent, sibling or guest will want to be hearing or seeing a Hunter valley wedding photographer throughout the event. Outside of the official photo sessions, this is a time where they should carry a low footprint and disappear into the background. This is a day for the couple to celebrate, so they should respect those boundaries.


Flexible Pricing and Free Quote

No two couples will have the same budget when it comes to a Hunter valley wedding photographer and this is where a degree of flexibility has to come into the equation. With the benefit of a free quote to gauge how much the package will cost, husbands and wives will be able to select an offer that will be commensurate with the rest of the event. Much will have to be taken into account from the event hire to catering, booking fees, attire and a great deal more, so there will only be so much for the photographer.


Quality Delivery

The final element that defines the quality of a Hunter valley wedding photographer is the ability to deliver the end product in a timely manner and in a fashion that suits the recipient. In 2019 this should be a package that includes digital copies in high-resolution JPG format, allowing for newlyweds to showcase the day on social media, on their smartphone and on email to close friends and family members. Alongside these copies there should be a comprehensive and well presented catalogue in print, allowing for the couple to brandish the items around the home. There have been cases where the end product has either been compromised, delivered over budget or delayed for long periods. This is something to be cautious over.



There will be a variety in the manner in which a Hunter valley wedding photographer presents themselves to a couple and what they can offer for the event. From the posh and extravagant artists to those humble practitioners who want to capture those special moments, the ultimate decision will be up to the client. It is those who earn the best results that do their homework and due diligence, selecting specialists who can match their rhetoric with action.