PR consultant in Sydney

What does a PR consultant in Sydney do?

A frequently asked question is what exactly the role of an Ideas Suite PR consultant in Sydney is. So, we’ve decided to break this down for you…


A PR, or public relations, consultant in Sydney is all about communication, and how to do this as effectively as possible. It teaches and applies rhetoric, such as understanding the audience and adapting the best ways to influence them.


A program set out by a PR consultant in Sydney can help the company or business understand their objectives, strategies, what they are doing successfully, and what they can do better, in the interest of their public image and reputation.


How can communication be clearer? How can we communicate in a credible way? What strategies can be used to enhance relationships with internal and external stakeholders?  These are questions addressed by the PR consultant in Sydney.


You may see an agency advertising themselves along the lines of ‘giving your business a competitive edge’.


What advice may they give? A PR consultant in Sydney will advise about pitches, responding to journalists, thought leadership, interview skills, successful social media strategies, boosting traffic, and more. A PR consultant in Sydney can even advise on nuances like editing, scheduling, and boosting posts on Facebook.


A public relations campaign is hence a valuable tool for businesses. What are the benefits?


  1. Credibility

There are three important things in effective persuasion. One, last but not least, is credibility. By presenting objective, truthful evidence to support the argument, its credibility and the organization’s credibility are boosted. People will trust it more.


  1. Exposure

A PR consultant in Sydney recognises the desire to achieve extensive coverage, through the media and other advertising avenues, especially on a given budget. So specialists will help the business generate the right content, and decide when and how to pitch.




  1. Cost effectiveness

On the note of budget, using an agency can be less expensive than paid communication alternatives.


  1. Flexibility

Helping the organisation be more responsive to news, media releases, and even crisis situations, by altering content.


  1. Time-consuming

A PR consultant in Sydney can take care of campaigns on behalf of the organisation, meaning its member can focus time and resources on other tasks.


A PR consultant in Sydney does not

  • Write for reporters
  • Purchase ads
  • Come up with ‘catchy phrases’
  • Condone deceitful information for the sake of getting more products sold
  • Promote paid media


A good PR consultant in Sydney  does…

  • Analyse topical opinions, ideas and attitudes
  • Converse with managements about policy decisions, effective communications, public consequences and social duties.
  • Promote honesty
  • Aim for ‘free media’
  • Their research, regularly, to evaluate public understanding about an organisation and its objectives and initiatives – such as fundraising.


What are some of the tactics used?

The general actions of the PR consultant in Sydney include:


  1. Copy writing and blogging – writing text for the purpose of promotion across internal or external websites.


  1. Writing or advising pitches – helping businesses and organisations craft the perfect persuasions.


  1. Creating debates – facilitating controversy around a story. Whether viewers love it or hate it, it creates an impression, and they have something or other to say about it. So it goes.