What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Your Caping habits?

Go get yourself some popcorns because it is going to be an interesting read. Who doesn’t want to know what his or her stars have to say about him or her? As absurd as it may sound but there’s a connection between your zodiac sign and your vaping habits. This article is all about how your zodiac sign influences your behaviour and choices of electronic cigarettes and e-liquid in Australia and the world over. We are going to analyse the vaping habits of each zodiac sign one at a time. But before we begin, we would like you to take the information that follows very lightly.


Aries, “The Group Vaper”

You, the Ram, are the heart of your vaping circle, someone who is always nice and friendly. You are born as the leader who can be in charge of a group and influence its choice.


Taurus, “The Productive Vaper”

You, the bull, are one crazy vaper focused on making your every day count. That’s the reason why you exercise great control over your vaping habit on weekdays with light e-liquids. You sure as hell take your productivity so seriously that you won’t do anything to mess it up.


Gemini, “The Vape Innovator”

You don’t take things as they are; you turn them into their best versions. And that is what largely explains your vaping habit too. You are someone looked up to for bringing in the latest and greatest in vape trends and e-liquid from Australia and overseas. You spice up the parties with some awesome mega-vape ideas and newfangled electronic cigarettes and mods.


Cancer, “The Active Vaper”

You are the vaper who wants to get high and then, get up and do something crafty or perhaps cooking. It is definitely not your vibe to zone out to Netflix post vaping, and zone back in later only to find yourself thinking hard recalling the main character’s name. When you get the hit, you want to keep yourself busy so that you don’t end up overthinking or going back to every single heartbreaking memory in your mind.


Leo, “The Insta Vaper”

When you are a Leo, you can’t live a private life. You don’t see the point in vaping unless you make people part of it. Your Insta stories are all about how you vape big, voluminous clouds as well as what, where and with whom you vape e-liquids. You won’t mind appearing on the scene with tees with cool vape quotes.


Virgo, “The Nature Vaper”

You are the nature lover here and so would want to take your vaping experience to open air where the vistas of nature set a perfect backdrop for you. When high, you want to get as close as you can to nature and enjoy everything happening around.


Libra, “The Social Vaper”

You don’t believe in vaping alone; you need the company of your friends. You are one gregarious person who prefers to take hits with friends and enjoy the time laughing and doing crazy stuff.


Scorpio, “The Philosopher Vaper”

You vape to think deeply about every single thing – from how the earth revolves around the sun to why the blue colour is blue and if it is the same blue that you perceive is what your friend perceives too. Intense, right?


Sagittarius, “The Funny Vaper”

You are the vaper with a sense of humour. Although you don’t need to vape to sound funny, vaping can make you better at the job. With just a few puffs of e-liquid, you can’t resist the temptation to crack jokes, on the fly.

Capricorn, “The Vape Connoisseur”

You want to know everything about everything. And once you begin your vape journey, you really get into vape. You want to know the ingredients of e-liquids before you try them. You can’t be tricked into buying or trying just anything.



Aquarius, “The Vape Activist”

You are the kind of vaper who is socially active. You are most likely to initiate and lead heated discussions on the legalization of vaping. You don’t understand what problem is in doing that.


Pisces, “The Fun-Loving Vaper”

Being Pisces can be tiring and fun both at the same time. You have to make your vaping experience complete with good music, tasty food and soul-satisfying dance.


What kind of vaper are you?