Why It Is Unwise To Source a Doctor Certificate Online

Why It Is Unwise To Source a Doctor Certificate Online

In an age where citizens demand instant gratification, whether that is through purchasing of goods or entertainment, wanting something fixed, installed or a report issued, there is a need to have information, goods and services at our finger tips at all times.


It is in this desire that a new industry has formed over the past decade that has seen consumers source a doctor’s certificate online.


The rules and regulations across this niche are not exactly clear, and that creates a degree of confusion and ambiguity for the employee, the employers and even for medical practitioners.


There are a number of issues that have arisen naturally as there have been questions and criticisms that have been thrown the way of providers handing out these digital certificates.


What was seen as a way of making a convenient transaction to prevent someone who is ill from making an appointment, waiting in the waiting room, having the appointment and eventually following through on the certificate, now that process has attempted to be bypassed for the sake of convenience.


For the sake of saving an hour or two for a citizen that wants to have a certified document to explain their absence from work, there are major problems for professionals that venture down this path.


Here we will outline and explain why this practice is a poor idea and why you need to make a physical appointment, or at the very least, find a doctor who can see you at home.

Legitimacy of the Provider


In an industry that sees transactions taking place, there is always the threat that hackers and shady operators can abuse the consumer. By cloaking themselves as legitimate providers with doctored (mind the pun) testimonials, logos, and a presentation that appears legitimate on the surface, they can con individuals out of pocket.


This is why the need to find a doctor certificate online is so worrisome because there is no real means for a sick individual to understand whether or not their certificate is from a genuine provider unless they are from a local outlet that has a physical presence close to their proximity.

Legalities For Employer


Playing out the scenario that sees an illegitimate doctor certificate online, how does that play out for an employer? Under most circumstances that might only affect their sick leave when it comes to payment, but for other professionals that need to be covered with legitimate paperwork and documentation, who knows what could arise in future. Should a pay dispute emerge or a legal conflict comes to pass, then an online certificate that was forged or found from an uncertified website could see action be taken against that individual.

Being (Over) Charged


The simple fact of the matter is that the doctor certificate online is a field that has emerged not only for the sake of convenience, but because there is money to be made out of it. Rather than seeing patients sit out an appointment to visit a competing pharmacy brand, this can be viewed as a means of generating small increments of revenue of around $20.00 per certificate as a means of boosting their medical business model. Who is not to say that this industry might inflate prices or from those illegitimate sources, there is the threat of increasing fees for consumers that are desperate to obtain a letter.

Incorrectly Diagnosed


Without physically being in a doctor’s office and instead opting for a doctor certificate online, you can easily see yourself be given a diagnosis that is not correct. By sitting down and being treated, the medical professional can gauge increases in temperature, breathing issues, pain spots or something that might require further tests and scans. What might save you some short-term convenience might end up costing you dearly for a wrong medical diagnosis in the long-term.



There are very few circumstances in which a doctor certificate online is a wise choice. Should the symptoms be minimal where you know what is involved, and you happen to not have the time to book an official appointment in person, then explore these options. If your circumstances don’t fit that description, then avoid this avenue.