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Why Japanese Perm Hair Salons Will Revolutionize Your Hair Game

The dream: to wake up flawless with tousled, flawless and luscious hair, roll out of bed and be ready to dominate the world.


The reality: often frizzled, clumpy or limp hair that requires some form of expensive serums, straightening and blow-drying in which case you eventually give up the struggle with a ‘it will do’ mentality and head to work.


The unexpected solution? A Japanese air wave perm hair salon.


These salons utilize Japanese air wave perm hair and digital technology which originated in Japan, and have revolutionized the way we think about curled hair. Unlike traditionally permed hair, which evokes a mental image of tightly wound curls in the sixties, often with damaged hair that feel like straw to the touch, these salons have mastered Japanese perm hair techniques that leave your hair lush, silky and voluminous whilst maintaining soft curls from mid-length to the end.


They pretty much offer the effortless look of tousled, elegant curls without the fuss of serums, blow-drying and ironing.

Curly Hair

Here are some revolutionary services they offer. All you need is one visit to a Japanese air wave perm hair salon, and you’re saving yourself the hassle of frequent revisits.


Japanese Air Wave Perm Hair Treatment

The problem with traditional curls is its damaging effect due to heat and chemicals, and the limited style it offers. This Japanese air wave perm hair technique regulates the temperature and moisture level in your hair strands to create waves without breaking the hair bonds. The result? Healthier, voluminously curled hair that flow like liquid and captivate the attention of many.


The process is quite dissimilar from a traditional perm, where hair is rolled up first before a curling solution applied. In the Japanese air wave perm hair salon, a pre-treatment is applied to the hair for protection, and then another solution applied from mid-length to the ends of the hair. The hair is then rolled up in rods connected to a machine that controls the heat.


Once the curls are set, a neutralizing solution is applied before rinsing and styling the hair. The flexibility of the rod size means you can achieve a more boho soft wave, or a tighter Kate Middleton curl.


This Japanese air wave perm hair method allows loose curls which appear every time the hair is dried, and can last for three to six months. It’s perfect for counteracting dull, flat or lifeless hair, and will save you hours of styling and blow-drying, or frequent revisits to the perm hair salons.


Digital Perms

Japanese air wave perm hair salons also offer digital perms as an alternative to traditional cold curls. You might ask what the difference is. The biggest contrast is the shape and texture of the resulting wave. The normal ‘cold’ method creates prominent waves when the hair is wet, and loose when the hair is dry, resulting in moist looking locks typically of the sixties.


Rather, a digital perm utilises heat technology to create prominent curls in dry hair, and loose curls in wet hair. Chemicals are applied to soften the hair at first, before the hair is wrapped around hot rollers attached to a temperature setting machine. You can liken this process to permanent hair straightening, except hot rollers are utilised.


Highly recommended for already damaged and limp hair, customers have reported silkier, smoother hair with this styling technique.


Micro Mist

Lastly, if you’re looking to ramp up the health of your hair and give it some serious love, Japanese air wave hair perm salons will offer micro mist conditioning. Think of all the hair advertisements where models flaunt their luscious, silky hair that swish effortlessly around – frankly, it’s a result unachievable using normal hair conditioners.


This Japanese hair technology releases mist that penetrates hair strands to moisturize and condition from the inside out. The deep conditioning traps the treatment within the hair when the hair is cooled, and allows for an even distribution of treatment across each individual hair strand.


With summer over, and many days spent lounging under the Australian sun, your hair needs some gentle and loving care. There are several Japanese air wave perm hair salons you can visit in Sydney  – your hair will seriously thank you for it.


All that is left to do in this time is wait (this is where a book comes in handy). Once the machine and rollers are removed, another solution is applied to set the style. This solution is then rinsed off after a few minutes and the setting process is complete. The hair is to be dried and styled at the end to finish it off. The stylist will then recommend any products needed for maintenance and the process is complete.