Why Your Company Needs Corporate Flu Jabs

You’ve seen it too often before, when one person gets sick in the office it is only a matter of time before it starts spreading and everyone is sick. Close proximity workplaces are breeding grounds for viruses making it really easy for them to spread quickly amongst your workforce.

If you are wondering how you can combat this growing issue when the colder seasons roll around you are in luck. Corporate flu jabs are a very effective initiative to put an end to a mass exodus of your staff because they are ill. No matter what the size of your company is, waves of sickness can really put you behind on your production and productivity. These programs can help your business no matter how big or small it is.

Protecting your company against viruses can help maintain the productivity levels you are accustomed to while also giving something back to your workforce. Below we are going to explore some reasons why your company needs corporate flu jabs.


Incentivise your employees with corporate flu jabs

Employees love the feeling of being valued and nothing tells them that more than free stuff. Nobody likes feel sick so this little incentive is a great way to give something back to your workforce that is also work related. They are very effective in both maintaining productivity and showing your value to your workforce.

Some employers may think that these programs are just a cop out to get your employees to work harder which will decrease moral. However this program in conjunction with others can really promote a healthy lifestyle and work space.


Promote a healthy working environment

There are many benefits that come to promoting a healthy work environment. For starters people are less likely to spread illnesses if they have been educated in what they must do when they are sick. This will limit the amount of sick days in total your team has as well as maintaining a strong level of productivity.

If your business is in the B2B sector, your clients may greatly appreciate the extra steps you take to ensure that they always have the same person to talk to. Your clients don’t want to speak to a new account manager every single time they call. Your healthy workforce will keep your clients happy and your revenue coming in.


Reduce sick days

When someone gets sick it can sometimes lead to multiple days out of the office. If it gets to a certain level of seriousness they may have to go to the doctor and get a medical certificate which can keep them out of the office even longer. People are likely to go and see a doctor if they are coming down with something small so limiting how many people do this is a great benefit to have. Corporate flu jabs aim to cut down the number of sick days in total so you can have the majority of your team in the office.


Improve your office’s productivity

When someone is away from the office for any reason their workload needs to be sure amongst the other employees to ensure that their work is taken care of. This can sometimes involve clients and their projects being given to people who aren’t fully aware of what is going on. When this is the case they will have to spend a decent amount of time learning what is going on so that they are up to speed.

You can limit this relearning period by simply making sure there aren’t too many absences. With corporate flu jabs you will essentially improve your productivity as people are able to focus on their own work rather than multiple projects.